In the way

Hej kära läsare!
Nu kommer jag skriva hela det här
inlägget på engelska för jag orkar 
inte översätta varenda ord och jag
utgår från att de flesta av mina läsare
är vuxna och kan engelska. Annars finns
ju google translate hahahha.
Hi everybody!!

♥ Hope you're doing good and will have a 
nice weekend with loved ones ♥

In my introduction I bascicly just wrote
that I will write this post entirely in english.
So fasten you're seatbelt because this is
going to be a bumpy ride. And forgive me
for my spelling and grammar, it's not
perfect but hopefully I can make myself

Sometimes, when you feel as forgetfull as I do,
I forget conversations or that I tried to reach somebody
on the phone, or that I told soebody something.
I belive that it is the first time I tell somebody something
I think is really big news and the person I talk to says
"sweety, you told me that yesterday, or last week or whatever"
I did? Did we talk then? Did I know this then?
And I become the stalker. Because I don't know that I tried
to reach him or her or whom ever. And it's really tough. 

I don't want to be a bother to anybody. :((

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